Alyssa Coleman is a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher. Alyssa shares her experience with school and starting a business in this weeks episode of “Inspiring Millennials”. Alyssa discusses what its like to start a business on-line as well as how to overcome common mistakes when launching a business. – The Confused Millennial with Rachel Ritlop


Happy Monday! 

This weeks episode of the “Inspiring Millennials” vlog series is with Alyssa Coleman! Alyssa is a Holistic Nutritionist and yoga teacher. Alyssa is the founder of Alyssa Coleman Wellness and creator of the “anti-diet protocol”.

During the vlog Alyssa shares her experience in switching career paths, launching a business and the mistakes she made, and how she transitioned to having a successful on-line business. Alyssa gives actionable advice on business and self-care during the interview. I absolutely fell in love with her outlook, honesty, humility, and positivity vibe during the interview. She completely embodies her business in how she lives her life and its so inspiring to watch! 

Connect with Alyssa on her website, Instagram, or Facebook. Also make sure to check out Alyssa’s upcoming Group Coaching Program launching June 1st: the “Bikini Ready Challenge!”. 


During the interview Alyssa talks about finding your audience on social media, make sure to download our guide to Instagram tools and stay tuned for our upcoming e-course, “Insta-groan to Insta-GAME!”