Are you thinking about launch your business? Watch the “Inspiring Millennials” Interview with co-founder Dani Pascarella. Dani shares about her journey as an entrepreneur, her strategy for launching and growing a business, as well as how she helps millennials tackle their student debt and finances. – The Confused Millennial TCM Tv


Happy #MotivationalMonday

Today’s episode of “Inspiring Millennials” is with Invibed co-founder Dani Pascarella.

Dani talks all about how she transitioned from her corporate 9-5 to building her business. 

Dani talks about her strategy for easing into building your business while still supporting yourself and having a safety net. 

During the interview we cover so much, including:

  • Lifestyle inflation,
  • Her journey as an entrepreneur,
  • How to validate your idea for a business,
  • Lessons she’s learned while growing a company, and
  • A sneak peek into some exciting things going on with Invibed to help millennials get out of student debt and reach financial goals that actually make sense for our age group.  


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