The Confused Millennial™ is looking for passionate & driven millennial writers to share their experiences, knowledge, struggles, hopes, and dreams! 

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#TCMillennial™ is currently accepting applications to become a contributing writer.

As a contributing writer you will be responsible for pitching 3-5 article ideas each month and then writing 1-2 articles per month (which #TCMillennial™ will assign to you). This position is remote and unpaid (but a great way to begin building your network, portfolio and personal brand!). 

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Contributing Writer Application

The Confused Millennial™ is currently seeking contributing writers.

How does it work? As a contributing writer you will be responsible for pitching 3-5 article ideas in a month, #TCMillennial™ will then select your final topics and notify you. You will be responsibly for submitting 1-2 articles per month. This position is remote and unpaid, but a great way to grow your network, following, skills and portfolio! After you have successfully shared 5 articles on #TCMillennial™ we will build you an “author” page for the site. 

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4. The Confused Millennial will credit the article to you.

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6. You agree to change the title, post no more than the 200 words from the article if you choose to share it on your blog, website, or portfolio (or other such publication that you have ownership over), and you agree to provide a link directing readers back to TheConfusedMillennial (i.e. “This article originally appeared on TheConfusedMillennial” and include a hyperlink to TCM.

7. If any of these terms and conditions are broken, TheConfusedMillennial reserves the right to take legal action.