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Do you love what The Confused Millennial™ stands for? Are you a confused millennial with multi-passions wishing to share those with the world? Well you’ve come to the right place! We are looking for guest posts and contributors for fresh stories, funny experiences, and kickass advice!

So what is #TCMillennial™ looking for?

Glad you asked…

What we are looking for: Stories you are passionate about that only you could tell. Are you an expert in careers or business? Perfect! Do you love to travel and want to share the wanderlust with us? Right on! Have funny dating stories? We want to hear them! We are looking for your experience and expertise as a multi-passionate millennial.

Topics we are most interested in:

  • Real Talk (rants, musing, personal experiences/accounts with a wide range of topics)
  • Life Lessons & Hacks
  • Healthy, Beauty, and Fashion
  • Career and Business Advice or Experiences
  • Financial Tips or Experiences
  • Photography & Blogging Tips
  • DIY Projects, Stuff for the Home, or Recipes

What’s not right for us: Stiff, cold, or fluffy pieces. Please don’t send us generalizations or blanket statements without a unique spin and links to your research. Please don’t send us articles you wouldn’t read yourself. Someone who doesn’t know the difference between their, there, and they’re. 

Who are we looking for: Confused or multi-passionate millennials who want to share their experience or knowledge with other millennials. Please make sure you’ve read a few of our posts, feel connected to our lifestyle blog, and feel passionate about what you are writing. We are looking for funny, honest, passionate, and creative millennials with good story telling and grammar skills. 

Still interested? Great! Check out the deets below!

Guest Post Submission

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